In the Reserve we maintain a close relationship with the inhabitants of the Island of Tierra del Fuego, since it is vital to promote the protection of the natural heritage. That is why we carry out different activities such as the organization of the photographic contest for the anniversary of Porvenir, in conjunction with its municipality, the support and participation of the southernmost Marathon in the world in the Timaukel commune, in addition to collaboration with institutions such as the organization of Senior Citizens, Red Cross, Firefighters, the Caupolicán Detachment, Social and Sports Club “18 de Septiembre”; of Porvenir, in addition to celebrating Christmas with the children of the PPF Tomás Apóstol home (Esperanza Foundation).

In 2020, we signed a professional internship agreement with the Chilean Tierra del Fuego Technical Training Center,




so that students of the tourism career can carry out their professional practices together with our team and observe in the field, how is taking care of the environment intertwined with the work we do.

Outside the island, we have collaborative links with conservation, research and education institutions, with which we have participated in different activities on private protected areas and sustainable tourism. An example of this is the training session for tourism service providers on the Reserve, conservation values and Tierra del Fuego, which took place in 2016.

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  • Celebración navidad para los niños y jóvenes del PPF Tomás Apóstol de Porvenir.

  • “Team El Decano” en la Versión Nº45 del Rally Gran Premio de La Hermandad, Club Social y Deportivo 18 de Septiembre de Porvenir

  • Actividad junto a participantes del 11º Congreso de la Sociedad de Investigadores en Turismo de Chile

  • Actividad y participación en el IV Coloquio de Turismo Fueguino

  • V Concurso Fotográfico en la Comuna de Porvenir, donde participan niños, jóvenes y adultos.