Eco Aula

In 2014, our founder Cecilia Durán created EcoAula, an educational initiative that seeks to educate, disseminate and deliver new knowledge to the community about the ecological and cultural value of Tierra del Fuego, and thus promote its protection.

Driven by the conviction that Environmental Education is vital to protect the nature and identity of territories, we started this initiative with children and young people from Isla Grande Tierra del Fuego. Over the years, this project has grown and reached more students, which has generated great links with schools, high schools and other educational institutions, both public and private, not only in the Magallanes region, but in different parts of Chile and Argentina.

Thus, more than 1,200 children, youth and adults have received talks in their educational establishments or in the Reserve, where they have learned about our work, experienced the importance of conserving the environment and learned about the impact that our footprints leave.

If you want to be part of this initiative along with your class, or support us in the educational activities we develop, don’t hesitate to write us.


  • Actividad junto a alumnos de 5to Básico de la Escuela Cerro Sombrero, Comuna de Primavera.

  • Charla a alumnos de II y III año Medio Electivo Turismo del Liceo Polivalente Hernando de Magallanes, Comuna de Porvenir.

  • Visita de alumnos de la Carrera Tecnicatura Superior en Guía de Turismo del CES Alberto de Agostini, El Calafate, Argentina.

  • Charla y actividad junto al Destacamento Motorizado Nº 11 Caupolicán de Porvenir.

  • Visita y actividad junto a niños de la Comuna de Porvenir.

  • Visita del Coro de Profesores de Valparaíso.